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“Well done is better than well said” (Benjamin Franklin)

Recruitment is about solving a company problem by finding and motivating the right person. Therefore, recruitment is not about CVs, it is about people. It requires care to build the right connection between company and candidate, guaranteeing that the bond grows strong and that it doesn’t break.

We strongly believe companies have to put constant focus in developing the quality of its human capital in order to maintain and strengthen its competitiveness. Through our experts and experience we can provide our Clients with courses and trainings for their Managers and Executives.

Why us

Specialized and dedicated consultant to your Account

Each of our consultants is given specific trainings and clients in a particular sector. Our clients have the priviledge to work together with one or more consultants totally specialized and focused on their industry.

Seamless Process Management

In each vacancy we work on, we use a tested process to ensure success. Each step is designed to find the best candidates, gain control over them and bring them in at the lower cost for our clients.

Honesty and Ethics

Our consultants sign an Ethical code, preventing them to act against any of our clients interests. Trust is a very important asset for us, and Global Talentia gives incentives to prevent our consultants from harming any of our clients.

Brand Marketing

Our consultants are well trained in selling opportunities at your company, and giving potential candidates the best image of your brand. Details such as client identity and budget will be kept confidential according to client interests.


We have a set of documents and reports to help you conduct each recruitment process. Written information will be provided to you depending on the stage of the process, and it’s designed to give you the most information and control over candidates and update you about our activities.

Market intelligence

We work in the labour market and talk to candidates everyday. This gives us the best positioning to gather information about jobs, salaries and your competitors.

Reference Check

We perform reference checks for every candidate we propose. Any problem or suspicion will be immediatelly communicated to our client.


For every vacancy we manage, we commit to select, interview and introduce you three suitable candidates in less than two weeks.

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