Ten Signs You’re In The Right Job — And Ten Signs You Aren’t

Here are ten signs you’re in the right job — and ten signs you’re not.

Ten Signs You’re In The Right Job

1. You enjoy your work, at least most of the time. You get so immersed in your work that you’re often shocked to realize it’s already time to go home.

2.  You like your co-workers. They make you laugh, they reinforce you and you know you can count on them (and vice versa).

3. Your boss is smart, ethical and competent.

4. You like the company’s mission and culture. The organization suits you.

5. You know that if you have something important to say at work, people will listen.

6. You know what you’re learning at work. You can see your resume growing, and you can feel your confidence increasing over time.

7. Almost every week you experience something new.

8. Your boss and the organization you work for respect your life outside of work.

9. You are fairly paid, and your job title reflects the scope of your responsibilities.

10. When people ask you “Do you like your job?” you don’t hesitate to say “Yes!”


Ten Signs You’re Not In the Right Job

1. You don’t feel secure in your role. The job could disappear at any time — and if it did, you’d be disappointed but not surprised.

2. You don’t like or trust your co-workers.

3. Your boss barely knows you as a person, and doesn’t acknowledge or thank you for your contributions.

4. You know you’re underpaid and/or overworked.

5. You don’t see a career path in your current organization.

6. Your work is grueling, boring or a combination of both.

7. You dread your annual performance review because you know your manager is going to pick away at insignificant mistakes you made, and ignore your contributions and hard work.

8. Your company doesn’t see you as a human being — just a production unit, interchangeable with anybody else who might have the role.

9. You dread Sunday nights because that’s when it hits you that you have to get up and go back to work on Monday morning.

10. Your trusty gut knows that you’re in the wrong job.


Getting the message “This job is not for you” is not a negative thing. It’s a good thing, because it reminds you that you get to choose how to invest your time and talents. You get to choose, and you also have to choose.

Your choice is not just between your current job and some other job in a different department at your current employer. The whole world is available to you. Stop and decide what you really want — then take a step in that direction!


Source : Forbes

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