10 Toxic Words you Must not Say in a Job Interview

There’s plenty advice out there to rehearse what you’re going to say in a job interview: research questions the interviewer might ask, practice your answers, come up with salient questions of your own… But what about rehearsing what you’re not going to say? I put together a list below of some words you’ll want to try to[…..]

Common Interview Questions

1. Related to your experience Can you summarize your job Experience? – This is the most common and probably most important question in an interview. It usually comes first as an ice breaker, a good answer will provide a good first impression, boost your confidence and ensure the conversation starts flowing. Prepare yourself to tell[…..]

Counter Offer: Think Twice

So you wanted to change job and finally you got that awaited offering. A new job, a better position and a better salary, all that separates you is the difficult moment where you will have to confront your boss and tell him that you want to leave. He will surely not be happy to hear[…..]