Global Talentia’s flexible executive recruitment services are designed to fit your business needs. Whether you are looking to reduce your hiring costs, expand your contingent workforce or have a combination of needs, Global Talentia can deliver the right solution.

Our approach to implementing a customized recruitment service is to start by understanding your company needs and the qualities that your ideal candidate should possess. We then use the combined strengths and knowledge of our local recruiters to identify, screen and select the right person. As a professional agency, Global Talentia ensures your company receives the highest quality recruitment services delivered in the timeframe you expect and with the highest level of quality.

We listen very carefully to our clients. Understanding their points of view and opinions is how we are able to achieve and maintain our high standard of excellence. Whether your company need a new Chief Executive Officer, a mid-level Manager or an entire sales team, we have the resources and capability to find talent that will be a perfect fit both personally and professionally.

Inquiry from Client

Inquiry sent to Global Talentia via telephone, fax or email.

Selection Process

Global Talentia selects candidates through data bank, comments, screening interviews, confirming their availability.

Short-listed Candidates

Client receives CV’s of short-listed candidates for review through email. Client feedback given to Global Talentia within 3 (three) working days.

Client Feedback

Client reports on his/her decision regarding interview candidates. If no candidate is deemed suitable and should other arrangements and/or interviews be required, Global Talentia will repeat process from Step 3.

Client Confirms Date of Interview

Client or Global Talentia may interview all the selected candidates.

Client's Offer to Candidate

Client makes an offer to appointed candidate and negotiates on remuneration and benefits. Subject to client’s approval, Global Talentia will assist in the negotiation process with candidate and will inform client of the process.


Client fill in the interview result form. If one of the candidates is accepted, proceed to the subsequent steps. In case all of the candidates are rejected, repeat from step 3.


Client receives invoice from Global Talentia for payment process. PPh-23, bank charge and stamp duty will be applied.


Payment by client shall be made within 14 (fourteen) days after the commencement date of employment.

Guaranteed Period

If client terminates the employment or the candidate resigns during the 3 (three) months probation period a single replacement is guaranteed. Global Talentia will start the process from step 3.